For my birthday my wife gifted me with a month of guitar lessons with Bernie. That was four years ago and I haven't missed a month. Imagine spending 30 minutes a week with someone whose guitar skill and talent is combined with patience, inspiration and motivation. Wednesday's with Bernie is the highlight of my musical week. His teaching ability spans from the very young to adult learners. I don't think ANYTHING pleases Bernie more than seeing a student progress and become the player he's always known they could be. 

Darrin Harvey 

Bernie Zinck's music studio had a huge musical influence on me from a young age. I began taking lessons with Bernie at 14 years old and continued lessons for the following three years. Over the course of those years I was challenged in my guitar playing, introduced to song writing, music theory and performance. Bernie was not only a teacher to me but an incredible mentor. The experience allowed me to explore my own musical path, eventually go on to study Music Arts at NSCC Waterfront Campus and pursue my own career as an artist in the music industry. 

Laura Roy

Bernie was the first teacher I had that taught me the ultimate lesson: Your job as a musician is to make everyone else sound better. 

Jeff Kingsbury, former student 

Bernie Zinck has taught me guitar from the ages of 12 all the way to 18. Even now after I have graduated high school I can still contact him with questions and he will explain in detail what to do or what not to do. He was an amazing teacher and held my attention for the entire time I was in my lesson. He kept me motivated and pushed me to my full potential and would catch all my mistakes and quickly correct them. Even if I struggled with a piece of music, Bernie was very patient with me and made me feel like I could play anything as long as I practiced. It also did not even matter what the genre of music was. Jazz, blues, rock, country, metal, bluegrass, pop, etc. You name it and he could educate you on it. Bernie also had annual recitals where he would unite his students in groups and have them perform a couple of songs in front of an audience. I definitely recommend him to anyone interested in learning music regardless of their age or talent 

Brandon D'Eon, former student 

As a music teacher myself, I have benefited greatly from Bernie's expert guitar instruction and tricks of the trade. As a performer, I can bring any recorded music to him and he can figure out the complexity in the chord pattern just like that... He is more than a pro, we are lucky to have a guitar teacher of his caliber in the valley! 

Johanne McInnis (Music Teacher AVRSB and Canadian Jazz Celtic Harpist) 

When I started taking lessons from Bernie all I knew about a guitar was which way to hold it and a few chords, but Bernie was able to work with that and teach me at my own rate. There was no agenda, just show up and learn. Whether there was this one song that I really wanted to learn how to play, or if I wanted to go into detail about scales and chord substitutions, it didn't matter, he was always happy to teach me. I learned a lot from Bernie, and he was able to teach me just as well for my last lesson as he did on my first, and someday I hope to be able to start taking lessons from him again. 

Nathan Best 

Bernie Zinck is a talented musician and excellent teacher. Bernie began teaching both of our children when they were 6 and 8 years old. He quickly identified that each child had very different personalities that required completely different teaching styles. His patience and flexibility has allowed both to succeed at surprising rates. Bernie uses a great mix of music theory and popular songs to keep the classes interesting. After seeing the progress and enjoyment the kids were having I even decided to start taking lesions. Bernie is an excellent teacher, for anyone of any skill level or age, to learn from. 

Chris Cruickshank

If you want your children to learn from an instructor who understands how to draw the best out of your child musically, Bernie is your instructor! Lessons are not all about the money here! Bernie's passion & talent is etched in his teachings & is evident in how easily his can collaborate & understand your child's hurdles; building their confidence, teaching technical as well as by ear, thus producing great musicians!! 

Anna Chow